The Footwear That Will Always Remain in Style

Dressing in a military look does not mean clothing yourself in head-to-toe camouflage and driving a Hummer down the road. You don’t want to look like you’re going into battle when you’re just going to a restaurant for dinner. The military look means that you are incorporating one or two pieces of military “inspired” garment into an outfit. Sometimes within the fashion world this is referred to as “catwalk military.” You can tastefully and appropriately do this with nearly any outfit.

If you are just beginning to add military inspired elements to your wardrobe, try starting small. For example, a great pair of brown or black lace up leather boots is an excellent starting point, especially for fall and winter. Traditionally, military inspired boots will be made of nice, thick and durable leather, have a slight heel with a rounded or square toe, and come up above the ankles. The brand Palladium makes stylish boots with interesting details such as a buckle across the front or a zipper on the side. These embellishments can add visual interest to your look, and you can also build on them to create a your military appearance. For example, brass buttons and shoulder epaulettes are terrific embellishments for a standard pea coat. A wide belt and a woolly wide lapel collar look excellent on a long overcoat.

For other military additions to your wardrobe, how about a dog tag necklace? And we all know a classic pair of Aviator sunglasses undisputed says Top Gun. You can also replace your current watch with a military style one, such as the Timex Expedition Military Watch. All of these are ways to add military style to your wardrobe on a small scale. Plus, they make excellent presents for men. Try having a nice sterling silver dog tag engraved with a special message, or shopping for a military watch with cool features such as a light up face and an alarm. Both of these items would make great gifts.

If you want to go bigger and jump feet first into the military trend, look for larger pieces. One classic that is very popular right now is the leather bomber jacket. You can also look for one in a wool blend, which is an inexpensive and very comfortable alternative. When shopping for a bomber jacket, look for one that hangs no lower than your hip bones. Also look for details such as a sturdy lining, rib knit trim, and button flap patch pockets for the best combination of style and practicality.

Rather than camo as military fashion, my recommendation is to look for pants, shirts, and jackets in tones such as dark brown, gray, and olive green. Camo is commonly used today for hunting, and therefore does not usually look appropriate as street wear. If you do love camo and want to incorporate it into your wardrobe, stick to one small, well-tailored piece of it at a time. Or, wear one tasteful camo accessory, such as a canvas shoulder bag.

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