Drawing Flames For Kids

Let’s face it kids love to draw. From drawing firetrucks to even learning how to draw flames. One of the biggest things or erros I have seen when people are drawing flames for kids is they tend to try and get to detailed. Keep in mind who your audience is. Most kids are happy if the flame is at least the right color.

However, if you are like me and have a grandson that says “No that is not a flame that is a triangle.” Then it might just be time to step up your artwork game. If you are drawing flames for kids there are some great tutorials out there.  One of them is located here where they focus on drawing flames for kids.

It will take a bit of practice and learning the basics of how to draw a flame. However, by following the steps and directions next time they ask you for flames you can give them a blazing inferno.

Make sure you study the basics

There are so many types of flames from the candle style to the realistic looking ones. This is where you need to decide your style and what direction you want to go with your artwork. Are you looking to make a building look and feel as though it is on fire? Or are you looking to make that classic hot rod design? Whatever route you ultimately decide on. The one thing that is going to be consistent with both is you need to practice.

Starting off with a template is one of the easiest ways to get the feel for how to draw flames. From the free flowing to the typical S style flames. Most of it will come from just letting it go and finding what works best your you.


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